Sunday, 12 February 2017

Message 24

Suffering is part of human experience for a long time. Suffering was part of clearing of so called “sins” which one done to other or many others, in other words it was used as a very good tool for understanding how such action can influence life of oneself and of others involved. It took many hundreds years to come to complete “bottom” of one’s self recognition and realization that no step further can be done with such life conditions. Those who have been there know that from certain point all began to change and one allowed her/him self to raise above the suffering experience.

Certainly it required to fully understand why we have suffered and once this question was answered, we were able to receive love of higher frequency, which enabled us to get beyond the need to suffer. If you still feel the need to take the suffering of others upon your shoulders, you might still need to clear yourself from some past actions. It could also mean that you still believe that suffering for others will help them, even if you are not karmically bond with the being, then you still need to understand the truth about your own reason for suffering.

Yet when you know you have reached that certain lowest point of life experience, you can be assured that no more of your suffering will bring any positive effect to others. You might still tend to feel so, because long time you have spent in such condition, but if you ask your inner wise all knowing self, there is only one possible answer for you – no more suffering. Your suffering for others will truly not help others, it will only leave them in the same old illusion of someone else will clear their matters and in fact you would not allow them to move on with their own evolution. And of course you would not allow yourself to move, because of false belief, that you are the one that can save others. That would be the denial of the prime truth that you are part of the great Creation Force and not only some small creatures that cannot express their full power and help others with their very own wonderful example of self grace and forgiveness that we all are gifted with. Ask within for grace and it is immediately given to you, ask for forgiveness and it is done, ask for liberation and you are being powerfully drawn to true freedom.

Do you allow yourself to be liberated, to be truly free? Or do you rather still suffer to feel safe among others, who still working on their clearing?


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