Thursday, 2 February 2017

Message 23

In our constant search of the Truth, we are gathering understanding, that is moving us forward. In every our action is the desire to know, to move beyond our own limits. We experience many things that are guiding us to certain understanding and only after we understand they can be released. Therefore it might seems that you are experiencing some things over and over until you see the main reason. When you look at certain experience as someone else is having this experience, you can view it from different angle and it can bring you valuable information that will help you to understand, because sometimes it is difficult to truly detach from inner feelings that arising each time when certain thing is happening to you. Those feelings are natural reaction and they are your sign that something needs to be cleared, pondered and understood. Most of the time they are not very pleasant and making you think less of self, which of course is causing a blockage of energy flow.

Therefore it is helpful when you look at the matter “with the eyes of watcher” and let yourself be involved as the other listener. You know that it always helped when you spoke with someone who understood you and the fact that someone just listened allowed you to process difficult experience. Yet by inner individual matters, no one is able to truly understand but yourself, in most of the cases you cannot just speak the thing around, so detaching from that certain experience and viewing it and looking at it from different perspective could be a great help. Simply allow yourself to think of it without judgment as you do when pondering the similar experience of others.

Most difficult is not to judge oneself, even if you clearly understand the point of all your experiences and when looking on them as a whole, you know that all of them were necessary and allowed you to move here, into the Now. Dear Friends, realize that each one of us have experienced ups and downs, darkness and Light, war and peace – inner and outer too – and Creator made us all perfect in and out of Love. And this Love is everywhere, in everyone.


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