Sunday, 29 January 2017

Message 22

Passion. Simple word, yet within it hides something very important. Today it is used in connection with someone enjoying doing something that brings him/her satisfaction and happiness. Yet it is not only this meaning to describe beautiful feelings that raise us high, beyond the certain limitations of our realities – it is also showing us and guiding us the connection to our prime desire. Desire that is encoded withing each being, desire that make us to move on, even when we feel that no more step can be made and enables us to come closer to the Truth. Passion is the proof that we are working on the fulfillment of our destiny. Passion support us in reaching as far as we can from certain point in our evolution. Passion cannot be given, cannot be artificially made, passion is created within, when we found out something very important that needs to be experienced for our own understanding.

There are many actions that you would not think they could create passion within, yet if you think of own understanding, there were many passionate warriors, fighting for the “right thing” not so long ago, there were many passionate priests spreading their religion teachings as the one ultimate truth. Then the more you moved closer to own understanding of the Truth, the more you started to be passionate about other more loving actions – passionate artists, healers, all kind of actions that helped your connection to wisdom. Our own passion is the sign that we follow the guidance that is being given to all of us in every reality that we create and living in.

And there is another very important aspect of passion. It is connection between male and female energy. Many stories have been written about how to create perfect connections, how to reach compete fulfillment of relationship. There are also still many old “knowings” that should help you, and there are also many current “knowings” that are misleading, creating only false illusion of satisfaction. The truth is, that passion will never be felt when relationship is based on karmic issues or false illusion of attraction. False illusion can be easily recognized – there are no deep feelings created, no energy is flowing through the form and mind is filled with thousands questions. On the other hand, the true and powerful connection creates passion immediately, without any doubt you feel it, strong flow of energy moves through your form, opens you heart and mind is absolutely quiet.

Do you feel the difference? Are you passionate?


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