Thursday, 19 January 2017

Message 21

Trusting others seems to be easier than to trust one self. You can feel their energy, you can look into their eyes and you can hear them speak, so you have enough proofs of trust, or not to trust the being in front of you. Yet where do you get proof for yourselves? And what does it mean to trust oneself at all? Some think it is easy to answer, some think it cannot be answered so simply and some think this cannot be answered at all, that it needs to be felt. All answers would apply, because you either trust yourself or not and you do not need any proof, but there is the need for proof in order to understand the lesson of trust – proof being the actual experience that lead us to the understanding- and finally if you do not feel the same energy as when you trust in something or someone other, you know that you do not fully trust yourself.

To trust oneself is coming from your inside core, where all is known and there are no doubts about any self values or actions or anything. If you ask yourself for “the proof of trust” it will always be given to you. It only depends upon the way you receive it. It can be energy flow up to your mind, it can be strange feeling inside – energy not moving straight. It can be call for certain action, so you get “physical” proof of the state of trust in yourself. It truly depends on each individual needs and therefore you cannot compare with others, as you might not understand the experience and you would have to create new experience similar to the prior one, because you all have to be sure of that who you are, which means to accept everything about oneself and in fact this acceptance and understanding of your role and purpose of existence creating the Trust in oneself. Nothing else will make you trustful but the knowing your own lifestory and connection to your stream source energy.

Do not search for the proof in others, as you will not find the exact and necessary proof with them, it lies in the knowledge of oneself – do not be afraid to search for this truth – no one will judge you, no one ever did, because we simply experience all kind of experiences and they are moving us forward to that ultimate experience of unity.

Do you trust yourself?


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