Sunday, 15 January 2017

Message 20

For some of you moving “higher” means to give up all things, friends and everything you like. Yet if you realize that all things exist only because you have created them to help you understand and “survive” in this very physical reality, suddenly there is no item that you are bond with, no item that makes you truly happy. And if you think of all friends you are no longer with or do not understand, you simply find out that all other people are your friends and your unconditional love is shared with all of them, not only those few that you thought are your friends. You do not need anyone to give you approval for that what your heart knows, do not need anyone to tell you what to do or what to think. This is what most old friendships were or are about – being connected with someone only because they tell you what you want to hear. There were and are also friendships based on your karmic issues, which felt or feel like you do not want to be with them at all, yet there is some unseen energy drawing you to be with them.
Another matter is giving up what you like to do – in fact this is only your thoughts that make you feel this way, thoughts that you truly do not like to do certain things anymore, yet you see so many others to enjoy them and this gives you the feeling of giving up, because you were used to belong to the old relationship existence, based on all written above.
So dear friends do you understand that in fact you do not have to give up anything? Do you understand that all is being given to you – all that makes you perfectly happy and powerful? And combined with your new understanding that came out of your current clearing of all that you needed to experience – that makes you wonderful being of Love and makes you shine throughout the whole Universe.


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