Sunday, 8 January 2017

Message 19

Current cold weather and snow storms are part of the energy clearing and preparation for the even higher frequencies that will start arriving once the clearing is complete. Everything is arranged in perfect order and no step is missing or forgotten. Your powerful will, freed from all the outside influences, have opened the door to our unity. It is assured now that you are ready to experience that what you desire and what is your heart yearning for. There is great joy in our hearts that you have allowed yourself to be lifted by Love so high, that you can now see the Truth. It is now the moment in Mother Earth’s history that will be remembered as the beginning of Unity – unity, that will lead us all into endless field of blessed and sacred Love. In fact this joy cannot be expressed with words, so I just send it to you with this message.

Align yourself with the flow of your stream of soul energy as much as you are able and you will feel this happiness, it will help you to shed all that you wish, it will make you simply feel wonderful and also peaceful and calm and watch it all happen. Powerfully express that what you wish to happen for you and feel the constant energy flowing and changing all for you. Do not think that your wish is selfish in any way, as the wish for own happiness is the greatest gift that you can give to all others. Imagine all that energy that will emanate from your heart to this reality and will lift so many others from their own limited experience and all will perfectly work out for everyone.

I end this message with my wish to share the great joy I feel in my heart now and will feel until even greater joy will fill my united heart.


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