Monday, 2 January 2017

Message 18

Creating own reality, experiences and even things is one of the key elements of our existence. There are many realities existing in our universe and the more we would look on how they are being build, the more realities we would find in each big one, until we would come to the single reality of each one of us. All these realities are connected with energy lines and influencing each other, and influencing the greater one and so on. The flower of life symbol is the perfect representation of this. Each circle is part of another one and they seem to be intertwined, creating fixed structure, yet the energy of creation is Light and it keeps constantly moving and changing the shapes it creates. If you look on your current life experience, you just found out that there is another perfect shape that you are about to create. You simply need the connection to the stream of your Light source, without it you are not aware of other shapes. In other words you kept creating the same reality circle over and over again.

You have learnt to create with fear energy, which is of lower vibration and there was no resonance with your own stream of Light and you could not reach the knowing what to create next. It is now the moment for you when you can start to create with Love, which is of much higher vibration and assuring connection to the Source. For some it might sounds difficult, when thinking of all the fear you have lived in, yet if you think that fear is only the one part of full expression of Love and you just need to add the other parts – desire and your will – you will start create with Love in no time. It might take a while to realize that you do it, because you still might doubt yourself of this capability. Every being has received this ability at the beginning of Creation, so every one is able to use it. I do not have to speak very long of your will power as every one is already aware of miracles it can create.

So dear friends, if you clearly see the shape that you wish to be part of, you are already moving there. Do you see it?


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