Thursday, 29 December 2016

Message 17

Love is giving you wings – do you remember this old saying? “Love can move mountains” is also one of those that were intended to be remembered once the time of the learning would be at its end. Those expressions of pure and true Love only stayed in your memory as part of old tales and legends and many of you being disappointed by feeling lack of love take these expressions only as “romantic dreaming” and as illusions that can never happen, because no one is able to do such things. And this is the point of people’s belief – I cannot do, so it cannot be.

Yet if you trust the fire that is burning deep within your core, you surely find out that you are capable of everything, everything that you wish to do. To trust in the power of Love is easy, because Love is everywhere, Love is the energy of our creation, Love is in all the forms and all of your creations, it is only matter of you letting yourself to feel it. Feel how it gentle flows through all your being and making you more sensitive in every way. And if you ask for more, that instant the flow is more intense, carrying all that you need within. And if that makes you feel strange or leaving questions in your mind, it is just perfect, because Love is showing you how to move on. Love wish to grow, no matter how much you feel to be filled with it, Love still wish you to do all that you can, to be able to receive more. The more you receive, the more you can share and all of your experiences are becoming more beautiful and more intense and more connected to the Truth.

Love became so powerful again also within Mother Earth’s reality, it has been awakened and kept growing and growing until She became ready to make miracles once again. Only thing that is required is to trust in Herself. Trust in Love dear brothers and sisters and Love will make you ready, open all door for you and will make you fly.


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