Friday, 23 December 2016

Message 16

Society and political leaders are brave beings, that have followed their call of destiny and they stand in front line, taking up emotions of all other beings that are part of society. Do you feel that they are also experiencing the same reality change as you? Do you listen to your heart or do you still judge them? Do you know that this understanding is part of overall society change? Do you understand that you all have voted within your own consciousness for certain kind of being appearing in front line? You have always done so, in the far past, 2000 years ago, 80 years ago and now in all your current votes. Society’s voting system is expression of all people’s wish to have someone responsible for fulfilment of their social desires. But when people do not help those in front line and do not support the process of creation, it occurs the same again and again – no one is satisfied, disappointed and keep blaming those leaders for their inability to do anything that was promised. In fact this is such a perfect example of unity and oneness of all people – to simply support the desire and stop focusing on the individuals who alone cannot change the whole.

Do you wish to unite, do you wish a better world, do you listen to media and blame all leaders? Do you love or do you hate? Imagine, that your beautiful desire and wish for healthy and happy people all around your globe moving towards complete unity is sent from all of you to those who stand there and wondering what to do with all the mess. They would receive such powerful inspiration that their hearts cannot stay cold and once heart is open, the mind is able to receive more powerful thoughts, that will create space for the action. Remember the truth is that your thoughts are creating this reality and no one else can start the change but you.

There is no one evil or bad – all are equal creations of our Creator and if some still need this separation, that is their will and their need for more experiences. But I know that you all wish for the change, so do it and move yourselves beyond this separation and send out powerful thoughts of our unity.


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