Sunday, 18 December 2016

Message 15

When the energy flows powerfully through your being, your mind including, the feeling created cannot be compared to anything else – uplifting, rewarding, joyous, amazing, wonderful and so on – we could continue for much longer describing that, what truly cannot be described with any word, no matter what language we would choose. And this is how you share all that you are and all that you have learned with all other beings, and be sure with all, because it does not matter what form and what state of consciousness they are in, they receive all they can from your gift. Gift of Creator’s love that you have received. This is the point why every being has his/her own way and speed of evolution. The constant flow of energy assuring that there is constant movement towards the complete unity of All, one learned – the energy flows – those who understand take it inside – they learn and add their understanding- sharing the multiplied flow with all again and the more beings know certain knowledge, the more powerful the energy of this exact knowledge gets, the more powerful this knowing resonates within whole nation and it is being accepted as the truth.

You may feel now that not enough people are interested in moving beyond the old, “secure” and known functioning of current state of being, yet those who are working fast already sent the knowledge of how to proceed in the joined energy field of Mother Earth’s reality matrix. So the fact of how many people are willing to change do not influence those who wish to move into the New and do not influence the flow of the knowledge into this reality. It is affecting the speed of social changes that are visible, but no one can impose any knowledge to those who wish not to learn it, or wish not to continue, maybe until they are more influenced or learned all that they have to in order to fulfill their desire.

I know that it might get strange sometimes, your newly awakened desire to help all others is telling you to do all that you can to help uplift others, yet you truly need to remind yourself that every one has his/her own purpose of creation and needs to fulfill it, and only each of them alone have the knowledge of all that they need to allow themselves to move on. Because if you would focus too much on the help which do not brings expected outcome, you would loose your own energy, trying to change that what you cannot influence in any way.

Simply spread your wonderful energy of heart to all and share the joy of knowing without worry that someone will not understand or accept it, because they will surely do when they are ready, and focus on your own movement and all that you wish for yourself, as this is the only one sure thing that keeps moving All. Sharing my love to you all, dear friends.


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