Monday, 12 December 2016

Message 14

Energy of the heart is the one that is being spread out from your being to All. Your heart is the center of processing of all incoming inputs into your body and after your personal evaluation it is being shared or released to All, meaning others can sense the actual state of your mind, can feel if you wish to speak with others or not, if you want to act certain way or just want to be left alone and can feel all of your emotions without speaking a word to you. Heart energy is like your sign, but more identifying and proving than any physical act that defines yourselves among the others. It carries all within, all is absorbed and enables others to identify you, without the need to know your name. Now for you knowing the name, even nick name or any written or spoken identification is necessary to accept the other as the one you wish to speak or connect with. This is also about to change, as with your improved heart capability, you will simply get used to recognize others by their heart energy and the importance of actual name will cease. The name will not play any role, as in fact now it is only been chosen by each of you to identify yourselves with needed experience and of course your social system is also based on this identification mark.

Yes, name also carry energy, but it is only shared energy of all others having experiences under the same given name and surname, it is not your energetic sign that you are identified by. If you speak to someone out of your physical reality, you clearly feel his/her energy and you recognise them even before the name appears in your mind. Their signatures seem to be more powerful to you – it is because we are used to greet each other with sending out the heart energy instead of introducing each other with name and hand shake or any other usual physical greetings upon Earth. We share all who we are in that one energy expression, so no “mistakes” can occur and certainly no one have the same heart energy at the level of experience they are in.

Let your hearts be opened wide, dear friends, do not be afraid that your heart will bleed if you do so, because actually the heart color is green and not red.


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