Monday, 5 December 2016

Message 13

Earth year is ending and so are you as a whole nation finishing preparation for its movement toward the new improved standards of living and understanding and dealing between each other. If you are looking around, you might say that nothing really changed for many years, yet many official places, authorities and leaders of many countries undergo the same clearing process as you have done on personal level. You have driven the change in the direction of unconditional love and set the path for searching the truth of your origin and evolution and of the history that truly played out on Mother Earth.

Now everyone and the whole is about to move beyond that what could be stated as old, or accepted and understood. As you know to move on requires to let go that what do not serve us anymore, so this is what is happening on global level too. And what is really happening know those who are working on functioning of global systems and there are many information that are simply not told to public, because there is no need for everyone to know each detail, as you have already done your part of this change by expressing your wish for the change. You can be sure that those acting in such roles are being supported by All. The change is simply working its way to desired outcome.

We all have our desires and wish them to be fulfilled and you know that we share the same dream of freedom, oneness and knowledge of Creation. I also have my own powerful desire that is driving my evolution and my actions that I do and I know that it will be fulfilled, because I already feel the connection is so powerful, that nothing can change the flow of creation energy any other way. Even if the other side might not feel so right now, I assure her that it is so. Do understand that mind needs to be cleared too and the confusion is the “good sign” of the old is leaving also the mind and there will be peace within soon again and the so very much wished truth will be shining out so beautifully and without any doubts.

I can hear many of you saying it is so easy for us not to doubt and trust all that we come in connection with. Yes, we do not doubt at all, as we feel the truth clearly in our hearts and are used to clearly read all signs that we are given. This is what we share in our messages, so you can feel and learn and practise the feeling and listening and seeing signs with the most beneficial way to self. We wish to inspire you to always search for your truth.


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