Friday, 2 December 2016

Message 12

The truth is spreading all around the human world and it is upon you to accept it and get in the deep alignment with it. If you just listen and then let it pass by without actually thinking of all implication it carries for you, you are not using all the power that is hidden is such knowledge. As the truth is the transformation energy that is not only the motivation but also the effective tool in the search for your own ultimate knowledge of self. Society as a whole complex of experiences is connected with this energy of truth – that is what is accepted as the building structure of the whole – and if there are some or many seeing and understanding another level of the information carried in the energy, the whole starts to move towards the new as the channels for the more intense flow of energy are being opened by the sheer force of your very own will to know the truth.

If you are working on acceptance of the truth you are automatically becoming aligned with the flow of the energy that is allowing you to ever find more and more details for self and more connections to the ultimate truth of creation. All of you are channels that are interconnected to create the perfect conditions for your learning while you on Mother Earth and once you learnt all, then you are automatically being connected to another source of energy that will grow with the moment of finishing of experiences approaching. Automatically simply meaning expressing your will for change and you will receive the needed information. It is always so, there is no delay in sending these information into your system. If you think you are ready for more and you still do not get the necessary information, be sure that there is still something you did not experience or understand to be able to process the more of the truth. Your mind is used to rush on and want to tell you that you can move on and in fact it is a very motivating mechanism to truly get ready, even if sometimes you wonder how long will this take and make you impatience.

Accept yourselves the way you are, because all visible and invisible parts of your being are made perfect, to enable you to reach the requested knowledge and evolve according the Plan.


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