Thursday, 17 November 2016

Message 9

Love is flowing endlessly through all the life within its visible or invisible forms leaving constant message of the truth. Seemingly there are myriads of messages, each one perfectly corresponding to each individual being, yet in fact the message is only One and each being is taking all that needs for moving through the illusory nature of experiences. Illusion is helping us to fully understand our own core of creation and enable us to gain all that is necessary for our movement further until we reach the state of greater and greater unity and then we would be able to absorb more of the first original message. Our forms have to certainly change too, as the previous form is not ready to read more than already did, and that is the moment of movement into new forms of life.

This is happening now, depending on how fast you are changing, you are being prepared for the form change and that is why your current forms are also changing. You feel it not only on places you have some issues with, but you feel it also on other body parts, that were healthy and functioned according their purpose. Changes are occurring in your pelvis area, chest area and also within your head, which is the concluding step of each change – as there lies your creation power and mind thoughts processing organs. You might feel pain or pressure sometimes, and you surely feel flow of warm and healing energy simultaneously moving into these changing places. This change is necessary for you to get used to the acceptance of new codes of the Message which will bring you to the final upgrade of your current forms. When that is reached, you are ready to start to learn once again to live in a new version of form which will allow you to continue on your journey.

It is part of the circle of change – soul is ready – heart follows and when ready – mind is processing the change and again when mind finishes the acceptance of change, you the soul gives another impulse for change. This is constantly happening within each part of creation, in small cells of your physical form, in planetary body, in galaxy and so on.

So if you accept the change as such, all you need to do is watching its movement through you and surely get enough rest, to enable smooth and as less painful as possible transformation.


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