Friday, 11 November 2016

Message 8

You might be wondering how the desired changes are coming and will come to your lives. For some of you it will be a slow process, where you will still enjoy company of most of your family members and friends, slowly turning into the wisdom and truth about self, with no rush in mind, simply sharing the light around. For some it might be as a roller coaster ride – when new change appear, it will take you so high, then for some time you will feel as if it has taken you down again, yet in fact you will still be moving fast and the tracks of your destiny will safely keep you on the path you chose. Then you stop for a moment, so you can prepare for another ride. And for some the desire for change is so powerful that they feel as if they were pushed by unseen force into the knowing and sometimes they might feel confused about where their path is leading them, they might think they lived certain moments and have already understood the lesson, yet they might find themselves again seemingly experiencing some lessons again. When you have understood the lesson and you very well know the would-be outcome of it, be sure there is another knowledge hidden behind it. You just need to leave the old knowing laying still within and search for the unknown there. And in fact you soon will find out that the true knowledge is shining out of this experience and leaving no doubts that it is that what you have been ultimately searching for.

This knowledge can be only found when you have understood all the “usual” lessons in your experiences and you have released all blocking attachments to them, as they do not allow you to see the higher or deeper truth unless you simply let go.
So walk bravely dear Friends, and if you find yourself pulled into an experience, that seems so very strange to you, just stop for a moment, silence every thought of wonder, and simply listen to your heart speaking the truth. There are no mistakes or errors on our way, even if it would be easier to think so, every single thing that is happening to us have its meaning to our evolution.


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