Monday, 7 November 2016

Message 7

It is much more easier to forgive others than to one’s self. It is because you see and feel others worth forgiveness, because you were used to sense all from the outside, the sense going deep within was almost completely lost. The only value that you have measured yourselves was only the kindness shown to others. Kindness to self was not necessary as it seemingly did not affect others thoughts and feelings for you. Yet to achieve complete freedom of being requires to gain the deepest sense of value of yourselves based on the knowing and understanding of one of our universal laws – as inside so it is outside; as high so it is below or in other words as in heaven so it is on earth – meaning you cannot truly love others unless you truly love yourself. After you finish with clearing of all the “old stuff” this necessary understanding will simply come up into your mind with very strong and urgent message that you have to validate the power of your love on self.

Sometimes you might think that the clearing will never end and when just one issue is solved here come another one with even more intensity. You have to be patience with yourself, as many lives passed until you have been able to do the usual wisdom processing which should occur right after each experience. You do not have to worry, the end is at your sight, because your intentions and wishes are getting more powerful with each experience closed and understood. The more you clear yourself the more easier is it for you to quickly find the hidden truth in your lived lessons. With the growing speed of your movement and with many lives experiencing the same lessons again, there are not so many issues truly left.
I wish to you all that you find the strength to look at yourselves for the first time only with deep love and care as you are used to look at others and the next time it will be easier and the next one even more, until you find out that you have understood the true meaning of love for self. Bless you my dear Friends and love you all.


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