Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Message 6

Truth. We all search for the ultimate truth about ourselves, others, our Creator and wish to find out how it all comes together and what role you play in it. Sometimes you feel very small and unimportant to the Great All, sometimes you feel you are as great as all the others and perfectly fitting in your life and environment you have chosen for your mission.

At first you need to find out the truth of the place you live in, of the people that surrounds you and how you relate to them and this knowing is directly leading you to the truth about yourselves. At this phase of searching for the truth you might find out that others – your family members, friends or other people you read about or speak to – wish to tell you that the truth they found out is the real one, the one that is important to find out in order to move forward. You do not need to get confused if you do not feel like this is the truth you search for or you wanted to find out. Each one have his/her very own set of information and understanding that is joined in one’s personal or own truth. This is very important for everyone to find this truth, before they can start joining the deeper or greater knowledge of All. To find out your own self truth, you have to search within as no one else is able to see, understand and tell you your truth. You have to rely only on yourselves and your gained ability to listen to your heart, as the heart is your sacred connection to the core of your being, which knows all the truth. I know sometimes ii is not easy not to listen to other wise ones speaking of their experiences that led them into the knowing, yet always ponder if that what you just heard, resonates with you – second chakra, a place under your belly button is the place where the energy of your core is being felt – and if you feel change of energy, that certain information is worth your thought, yet it does not mean it is also your truth, this energy is showing you the way and surely if you ponder the information, you will find out the truth it has for you or it will just lead you to another important information.

Then when all your truths are combined in one greater knowledge, you will see and feel the wonder of ascension in full beauty and power it possess. So it is very important to work on finding out your very own truth, as your part would be missing in perfect joined Truth of All. I can assure you that finding out the truth about the great beauty of self and the whole Creation is worth the work and time you have to invest into the search.


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