Sunday, 27 November 2016

Message 11

Helping others is fulfilling and beautiful thing to do and when you truly help, you feel it right away with powerful energy flow through your being. Sometimes, in spite of helping so much to others you still do not feel satisfaction and you are tend to help even more. When this happens it means that this is not the help the other or others required or need, even if it seems to be just the right thing to do. They are asking for help without words and that means no physical thing will in fact help them, but your certain thought or action is of greatest value for them.

I know it is sometimes very difficult to listen to the call for help, when many of your lives you were placed in suffering and needing conditions and the only way of help available was the physical body healing, collecting basic things for survival for self and others, so this silent call for help was overheard with loud screaming voices. So now those in need tend to scream loud and those who can help cannot hear the true call and of course I am not speaking about people who are in need for shelter and decent place to live – those are usually quietly carrying their faith and bless you when you give them food or something to cover themselves with. In fact they are listening to your call for help…

To be able to truly hear the call for help and be able to meaningfully help others, you have to fully realise that with your very own happiness you are giving others the most treasured gift of unconditional love. There is no other energy more powerful, more healing and helping than this. Sometimes you are required to do certain actions that others might view as unloving or not very nice or friendly or whatever expression they might use, yet you know that without the movement you would not reach your own happiness and therefore it is the only right way to chose. And the others will also receive exactly the kind of help they needed, because they will also allow themselves to be released from old patterns that are no longer serving their purpose.


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