Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Message 10

Changes that are happening have to be firstly accepted by you and then they can be transformed into your living reality, because they are coming from your will and desire to change yourselves. The global changes are not detached from you, they are not depending on someone else or something other, they are closely related to the way you accept the inner changes.

You were used to move very fast in each of your late life experiences and pushed by time, you had no moment to accept and ponder all changes that you came through. Now it might feel strange that you are required to truly accept all that is happening to you. It is a way of slowing down the rush within your minds and getting enough space for new powerful thoughts that are coming from once again created way of your heart. There must be alignment between yourself and the change, because it influences then the flow of creation energy into your mind. If you are not sure about the change it will also appear in your mind as thoughts of confusion or worries. What can you do if you have doubts of self readiness or limitations for the change? Simply ask yourself what makes you feel uncomfortable about the change and also the answer would be very simple, because if you would not be ready for the change, it would not lie in front of you to even ponder it. Truly there are not difficulties in the answering, you just need to accept the simple truth.

Yes, truth is always simple, no twists or turns in the way of getting to the knowledge, it is only hidden behind the old uncleared layers of your experiences. So once you start to clear them the truth will become visible and you have to be prepared to see it the way it is. For some it might be shocking, for some might feel strange within, for some it will mean to question their purpose of existence, therefore you are being prepared step by step to reveal all the hidden secrets of your personal existence and the existence as community on Mother Earth.


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