Monday, 31 October 2016

Message 5

How many times you have to think of certain wish to come true? Yes, first answer would be just one thought is necessary to see something happen – those are the “small” wishes that simply prove your power of creation is working. Then there are “bigger” wishes that need more of your energy to get fulfilled – those are wishes of greater importance to you, changes in your way of living, changes of your physical bodies, changes in the family relationships – those get fulfilled once you are fully determined of the certain issue to be solved. These wishes sometimes take more time – maybe in some cases years – to be successfully created into your living reality. This is so because as soon as you close one issue that you thought was the cause, another one appear to be equally related to the powerful wish that you feel would lead you into more easier life, filled with more love and happiness and it would be easier for you to move on to the next level. These wishes create complex process of your change, so they require a lot of work to see the overall change of your being.

And once you have worked out all those previously mentioned wishes there come those most precious and treasured ones that you keep so deep within, that no matter what is happening they still stay there, safe and waiting for the perfect moment to appear in your mind again. Maybe you have thought of them they were not real, they were just illusions of your awakening mind or they were simply there to help you overcome some really difficult issues in your lives. Yet dear friends they are the truth, they are your truth, they are the sacred and most valuable parts of your being.

Because wish is the creation energy that keeps you moving, certain code in your shining light that in fact is guiding you to the fulfilment of your destiny. So do not be surprised that these wishes are here again for you to use your greater power on them, to get also those wishes to be fulfilled. And that what should be done, you will be finding out just about now...


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