Thursday, 27 October 2016

Message 4

Working on deep issues of Self is sometimes very difficult for each of us. We think and also feel that after understanding of certain issue, it is cleared and in fact it might not be so. We do not know ahead how long it will take or how much effort we have to put into understanding and letting go of an issue, the only certain thing is that we wish to understand and learn. So do not wonder or be angry at yourselves if some issue still needs your attention and you are experiencing something unpleasant over and over again after certain period of time. In fact it is a good sign for you that another layer of this important issue is ready to be cleared.

Each one of all of us has his/her very own ways to deal with such issues, so there is no general method that can be applied to all. There is only the same outcome for all and that is the wisdom. Wisdom is the final part of overall learning process. It is necessary for all of us to accept this fact, as if some think or feel that there is no usable knowing that can be learnt from certain experience, they cannot move beyond recurring the same experience again, hence they cannot move to complete freedom and fulfilment of the life path set for this incarnation.

In this process it is wise not to ask others involved in certain issue with you about their thoughts or actions they have done. As the other involved is the perfect – even if that does not seem to be so at all – mirror for yourself. So if you wish to fully understand, you have to ask the question why only yourselves. Sometimes it is difficult, especially with experiences that require lot of your attention, yet you are all able to finish and close each lived experience and reach the wisdom.

Please do not forget that you are not alone in this, as the wisdom you reach is the wisdom we all will share. Your guides are very happy to assist you, and if you are still not sure who to ask or speak with, just watch the signs that your guides are giving you. Wish you all a very successful search.


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