Monday, 24 October 2016

Message 3

Fear needs to be released and understood dear friends, because it is blocking your movement forward. It is nothing new for all of you who are in the process of your own transformation. Fear is still present in some of your actions and thoughts, because you were used to create with its energy instead of love energy. Your forms were adjusted to this fact and many ways were closed or the flow of positive energy was limited to certain places in your bodies. Only just a simple thought of the word fear is still causing this limitation of energy flow and you have to assure yourself of the right choice by letting go of the fear energy. It is very important to understand how your fear is created and what it is caused by – what is the main reason for its appearance.

Certain situations are repeating in your life, because you are given another chance to understand the cause of your fears. There might be more than one reason and when you decide to clear it this means you have to consciously work on understanding the nature of primal experience. Primal experience is the first one to cause you the feeling of fear. Being incarnated so many times, it might require to look back at the very first lives of yours. You simply have to find out why you fear of certain things, places, people or actions. And when you found out the right reason you will immediately feel it. Because of the energy now present allowing you to recognize matters of great importance for you with ease.

Even if you know what fear is and what is causing you, you cannot release it without knowingly process the old experiences. And once done, no more such situations that were appearing regularly, in certain periods of your current life, will occur. And you will allow yourself to move further.

I will now stop speaking of fear because the energy of this message will also be limited :) . Dear All do show your determination and step boldly in this process, as it is vital and needed step for those who wish to move on. Because this part of your ascending process is about your deep inner self.


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