Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Message 1

Dear brothers and sisters, how does it feel right now? The changes you have expected to happen and did not occur, the changes you did not expect at all and yet they are here, visible or not, inside or outside of you – can you accept them? Can you move on with your life, can you adjust your visions, your plans? Have you understood that another part of your human ascension experience is over?

Now when those who kept working on their own clearing and changing have done this very difficult work on releasing all of the old energies, which is truly necessity for going further and being able to adjust to the new energies might be asking what to do next? Why are you still here, what is it that still holds you within this reality? This question might be simply answered by saying that you did not finish all the tasks you have planned for yourself for this life. I know that it is sometimes very hard to just only be within this frequency, when you know that something more beautiful, harmonic and loving existing somewhere in different “time and space”. You are being shown in your dreams, meditations and visions the loving frequency life because you need to prepare for it and it greatly helps to you and to others to continue with your work.

When it is time – the right moment- for you to leave your current life experience, you have to be ready for the new. Never doubt that you are at the exact place and time with certain purpose and when you gain the necessary experience, your life might change fast. Not everyone is wishing for the fast change, as it can create some unease feelings or fear and that is why each being has its own speed. That is why you do not see many people suddenly leaving the earthly experience. Those who already left might wish to return, to simply continue with moving fully into the Light. Some will not return, because they will be ready to move into the new experiences.

Yes, you are all transforming your life experience also globally, because you have changed the way you act, see, feel and communicate with each other and do not connect to the stories of fear, that are still spreading, or at least some still want to spread them as the truth. Yet as you can see most of people, no matter how far they are with their own awakening process, even they do not trust the media now. Follow your life path and it will perfectly guide you to the one ultimate Truth of your own and human existence.

I am happy to speak to you again and it is my pleasure to share all my wisdom to help you to ease your awakening process.


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